Visit to IISC field trip 2023

Field trips are an integral part of students’ learning experiences, allowing them to explore the world outside of their classrooms. Keeping in view of this Auxilium PU college had arranged the Education Science field visit to IISc (Indian Institute of Sciences) on 28th of July for  2nd year PU students.  Fifty eight students and two science faculties visited Department of Chemical Sciences in IISc.

The objective of the visit to IISc, one of world’s foremost academic institutions was to give an exposure to students to wider possibilities in the field of science and technology and awaken in them desire to pursue excellence in education so as to become competent, creative and contributing citizens in every sphere of life.

Students were so curious to know the different mechanism used in Molecular Spectroscopy laboratory, Analytical and Computational laboratory. Students raised several questions to the instructor to know the advances in these labs. Students were also given guidance to appear for JEE advanced competitive exams to get a seat for future education in IISc of which they were thrilled and showed a lot of enthusiasm.

 IISc is a public Deemed Research University for higher education and Research in Science, Engineering, Design and Management located in Bangalore. This institute is also known as Tata institute and has ranked prestigious academic institutions in India. Our college got permission to visit IPC (Inorganic and Physical Chemistry) Department of Chemical sciences.

Later students were taken to Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium where they visited the science park and able to watch the 3D show of “Our Solar System”. Students were happy and contended at the firsthand experience they got to explore the new possibilities of learning by visiting the IPC department as well as planetarium.

Cultural Event 2023

Cultural committee planned and executed a series of activities in the academic year 2023-2024 with the scope of enhancing the confidence level and developing the