Our Educational Approach

Auxilium PU College’s educational approach emphasizes holistic learning, character development, innovation, and fostering critical thinking.

The Educational Philosophy followed in Auxilium is called the Preventive System of Don Bosco. It has proved its adaptability across continents, cultures and contexts regardless of the differences and challenges so typical to diverse cultures. Don Bosco’s system of education is simple, functional and person-centred, based on the three great principles of Reason, Spirituality and Loving Kindness. Members of the Educating community aims at forming young people to become builders of an honest society, women and men of upright thinking and acting, of high calibre and substance, commitment and competence imbued with sound knowledge and virtues.

All parents need to understand that the College has a duty to ensure the safety and security of each student. Towards that purpose, The management has formed policies and committees such as the Child Protection Policy, Women’s Cell, Anti-Ragging Cell and Anti-Drug Club. The Principal is the Coordinator of these Committees along with Faculties and other persons as members.