Student safety is our utmost priority.

Our college’s transport Department operates to deliver a secure and convenient transportation service at affordable rates to students residing across different parts of the city. Our well-equipped fleet of buses is complemented by a team of highly skilled drivers, ensuring their reliable upkeep. As our student enrolment grows, we will expand the number of buses accordingly to accommodate the increasing demand.

  • Bus routes and assignment of stops are made by the college after receiving the request from the parents/guardians.
  • Bus routes  and  bus  stops  are  reviewed  annually  and  necessary changes will be made in the beginning of the year according to the demand. Request for an alternate bus or to a different stop will only be considered if the request is permanent in nature.
  • All requests must be in writing and are subject to the approval of the college administration and based on the availability of the college buses. The decision of the college authorities will be final.
  • The bus stops are fixed and  the  parents must make adequate arrangements to pick up and drop the student at the respective bus stops. Parents are responsible for the safety of their child on the way to the pickup point and vice-versa.
  • Students should  arrive at the pickup point approximately 10 minutes prior to the scheduled pick-up time.

The privilege of any student to ride in a college bus is conditioned by their following the bus rules and regulations:

  • Students will be respectful to the driver and the helper and will follow their instructions with prompt obedience.
  •  Students should be polite and courteous to everyone in the bus.
  • Students will ride only in the assigned bus number and route. Change of the bus can be done only with a prior request in writing and after the approval of the college administrator.
  • For safety reasons the students should not extend their hands, legs, and head out of the bus window at any time. Throwing things in/out of the bus is prohibited.
  • Eating and drinking in the bus is not allowed.
  • Students are  requested to take care of the bus seating and other equipment in the bus. Any damage caused by the student will be levied on the student in the form of cash or replacement.
  • Students are requested to maintain strict discipline inside the bus. Students actions must not cause any kind of disturbance to the driver or their ability to follow the safety procedures.
  • The college appointed personnel is responsible to enforce the above mentioned rules and regulations. The students will listen to the instructions given by the personnel in the bus for their own safety.
  • Disorderly conduct or refusal to obey the regulations shall be sufficient reason for refusing transportation service to the student. The college will notify the parents in such instances.
  • For any concerns/complaints kindly contact the college office.