Fitness & Athletics

Fitness athletics combines strength, agility, endurance, discipline, and competition to optimize physical health and performance.

Fitness and athletics at Auxilium PU College stand as a testament to the institution’s belief in a balanced and holistic education. Recognizing that physical wellness complements intellectual growth, Auxilium PUC boasts state-of-the-art sports facilities and dedicated coaching personnel. The college encourages its students to participate in a myriad of athletic activities, ranging from track and field to team sports, cultivating not only physical prowess but also discipline, teamwork, and leadership. Through regular training sessions, tournaments, and inter-collegiate competitions, Auxilium PUC’s athletic programs aim to instill a lifelong appreciation for physical fitness and the values of sportsmanship, perseverance, and dedication in every student.


Auxilium PU College emphasizes fitness as integral to student well-being. Their modern facilities promote physical health, while dedicated trainers ensure personalized growth. The college champions a holistic approach, intertwining academic excellence with physical vitality, instilling discipline and balance in its students.


Auxilium PUC champions athletics, fostering discipline, teamwork, and excellence through its diverse sports programs.

– Baseball

– Basketball

– Kabadi

– Soccer

– Tennis

– Volley Ball