HEPPsy, commonly standing for History, English, Politics, Philosophy, and Psychology, is an interdisciplinary study program offering a comprehensive understanding of social sciences and humanities. The curriculum nurtures critical thinking, communication skills, and an in-depth insight into human behavior, societal structures, political systems, philosophical theories, and historical contexts.


The HEPPsy program, encompassing History, English, Politics, Philosophy, and Psychology, is a multidisciplinary study that fosters a deep understanding of the human experience from various perspectives. The study of History provides insight into the events, cultures, and societal transformations that have shaped the world, while English fosters language proficiency and an appreciation of literature. The Politics component delves into governmental systems, public policies, and political theories, and Philosophy encourages profound reflection on fundamental questions concerning existence, morality, and knowledge. Finally, Psychology provides an understanding of human behaviour and mental processes. This unique combination of subjects cultivates critical thinking, analytical skills, empathy, and a broad worldview, preparing students for a wide array of careers.

Career Opportunities

The HEPPsy program, encompassing History, English, Politics, Philosophy, and Psychology, offers a wide variety of career paths due to its interdisciplinary nature. The analytical skills and understanding of societal structures and human behavior could lead to roles in counseling, social work, or community development. Graduates could pursue careers in journalism or communications, thanks to their proficiency in English and understanding of historical and political contexts. The insight gained into governmental systems and policies could open doors to careers in public administration or policy development. Additionally, roles in education, research, human resources, and public relations are also viable paths. Finally, with further study, graduates could pursue specialized roles in fields like law, clinical psychology, or political consultancy.

Program Learning Outcomes

The Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) for a HEPPsy (History, English, Politics, Philosophy, and Psychology) program aim to provide students with a comprehensive and interdisciplinary understanding of these fields. Students should acquire a deep understanding of historical events and their societal implications, become proficient in the analysis of English literature and language, and understand key political systems and theories. They should also be able to engage with complex philosophical questions and understand human behavior from a psychological perspective. Additionally, the program should foster critical thinking, effective communication skills, and the ability to conduct independent research. Emphasis should also be placed on understanding ethical considerations in these fields and fostering a commitment to social responsibility and empathetic engagement with diverse perspectives and cultures.

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